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What is Grief?

You may feel

  • Shocked
  • Numb
  • Guilty
  • Sad, hopeless
  • Angry and resentful
  • Lonely
  • Relieved
  • Tired, exhausted
  • Confused, disorganised
  • Anxious, restless
  • As if the experience is unreal
  • Regretful
  • Panicky and afraid
  • Full of aches and pains

You may also

  • Find it hard to concentrate, or even to remember things
  • Experience physical discomfort in your throat or stomach; 
            have shortness of breath or recurring headaches
  • Disbelieve all that has happened and find it hard to accept
  • Feel confused and frightened
  • Find it hard to eat or sleep
  • Have vivid dreams about the person who has died, 
           and imagine that person is still with you
  • Be preoccupied with thoughts about the person who has died
  • Find yourself searching for and calling out to the person who died.